Streaming Events of Any 
Type and Complexity


With RUcloud, you can organize fully interactive online events that offer an outstanding attendee experience. Whether it's an awards ceremony, a team-building event, a festival, or any other type of event, there are no restrictions on the number of concurrent viewers or the resolution.

Broadcast Everything Everywhere All at Once

From Multiple Halls

Connect participants and viewers from any city or country without restrictions. If the event takes place in several rooms simultaneously, create multi-room broadcasts.

With Any Design

Customize player elements and colors to match your brand book, embed it on your website, and stream simultaneously to social networks and any other video platforms.

With Pre-moderated Chat

Add chats with pre-moderation (if necessary) and Q&A sessions with the speaker to increase viewers’ engagement.

Up to 16 Languages

Allow your viewers to switch to their preferred language while watching a video. An event can be translated into 16 languages by interpreters and sent to the platform as a multitrack.

Bring your Events to the Next Level of Fun and Engagement


Create polls, launch voting, and answer viewers’ questions in a special virtual Q&A room or in the general fully moderated chat.

Try these features

High Resolution and Stability

Stream in 4K resolution or even higher. For Full HD and 4K broadcasts, we recommend using RUcloud Evacoder with guaranteed data delivery.

Learn more about Evacoder

Advanced Analytics

Analyze the points where viewers start and quit watching, and integrate metrics aggregators like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track traffic sources. This will give you a better understanding of how to increase content quality.

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