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Continuous broadcasts for TV channels with backup functions and 24/7 tech support.

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Create Uninterrupted Online TV Streams

Performance and Reliability

The video processing and storage infrastructure of RUcloud is strategically distributed across 10 data centers, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. 5 CDNs will enhance broadcast reliability and maximize viewer experience.

Professional Encoders

To ensure uninterrupted, high-quality broadcasts, RUcloud employs hardware encoders, that effectively balance up to 16 connections to provide the optimal range and exceptional quality.

Customer Support Around the Clock

Our team of dedicated experts is readily available 24/7 to monitor broadcast continuity and promptly address any issues that may arise.

Tailored to High Volume Needs

Looking for a specific feature? At RUcloud, you can easily request individual platform modifications and equipment settings tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Maximize your streaming experience with RUcloud for uninterrupted broadcasts


Backup Streams

You can effortlessly send up to three simultaneous streams to multiple receiving servers. The primary stream from the first encoder directly connects to the player, ensuring seamless playback. In the event of any unexpected failure, our intelligent system swiftly switches to a backup stream, guaranteeing uninterrupted broadcasts without compromising on quality.

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Multistreaming to 16 Platforms

With our hardware encoder Evacoder you can stream simultaneously to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and many other platforms out of the box, reaching the largest audience possible.

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4К Resolution

Deliver an outstanding viewing experience to your audience by streaming in 4K resolution or even higher with RUcloud. Our advanced player technology automatically adapts the resolution based on the viewer’s internet speed, ensuring optimal playback quality.

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Logo and White Label

Customize player elements and colors to match your design, and replace the RUcloud logo with your Channel logo, reinforcing your brand presence throughout the streaming session.

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IP Restrictions

Take control of your broadcast’s accessibility with RUcloud’s IP restrictions feature. Safeguard your content by limiting access based on viewer IPs or locations. Tailor your restrictions to allow access exclusively to viewers from a specific country or subnetwork, ensuring a targeted audience experience.

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